“Protect your friends. You only have one hometown. If you think you’ve had a bad date, remember, it can always get worse. And it’s okay to eat breakfast for dinner.”

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photo by AboveTheNorm


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo by AboveTheNorm

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Metric: Breathing Underwater at Rock The Garden 2013 (by MN Original)

I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.
Vincent van Gogh, Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh (via human-resentipede)

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do you ever lay in bed refusing to get up


because you remembered Happy Endings got cancelled but Mike & Molly is still on tv

Cleaned this weekend so I can put feet up and relax tonight!

Cleaned this weekend so I can put feet up and relax tonight!


make it easy // we are scientists

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Erin and I have our first date tonight, and it has to be perfect. Why? Because according to How I Met Your Mother, that’s the date that your kids are gonna wait patiently to hear about, and you better have a good story for them.

ANDY, The Office


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(via popculturebrain)
New 50 inch tv is set up. #bigsonabitch

New 50 inch tv is set up. #bigsonabitch


The Kooks - Down

Written by Luke Pritchard and young hip-hop pioneer Inflo, “Down” was recorded in London and LA, and will be released digitally on April 1, with a Remix EP to be released on April 22.


Watch: 9-year-old Japanese girl can absolutely shred

Stop what you’re doing and pay attention – Li-sa-x is in the building.

No, she’s not Malcolm X’s lost Japanese grandchild. She’s a regular 9-year-old who happens to enter beast mode whenever she picks up an electric guitar. Exhibit A is this video from December 2013, which showcases her viral cover of Racer X’s “Scarified” metal solo.

Her Facebook fan page is the cutest shit ever. She describes herself as “I <3 Guitar!!” and “Japanese 9 year old girl,” and her influences are guitarists Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert. That’s about it.

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Holy shit.  When I was nine, I could just barely get through Mary Had a Little Lamb on the recorder without fucking up.